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Introduction for Issuing House

Following the merger of our subsidiaries that offer corporate services with BoardRoom Malaysia, this service is now managed by BoardRoom, head to BoardRoom website to find out more about BoardRoom Share Issuing House services and how we can help you through your Initial Public Offering.

Share Issuance Services

Our issuing house has been managing IPO application, IPO subscriptions and IPO administration; and other types of capital raising exercises for many years. As the premier issuing services company, we offer a wealth of experience; a team of dedicated personnel and custom solutions to help ensure your capital raising exercises are truly successful ones.

  • Advising the professionals and our client on IPO timeline and requirement
  • Distributing prospectus, application forms and envelopes to stockbrokers, financial institutions and members of the public.
  • Liaising with participating banks/ finance companies to initiate commencement of electronic share application and internet share application
  • Receiving, sorting and counting of IPO application received
  • Tabling share allotment and arranging computerised ballots in the event of over subscription
  • Informing the regulatory authorities and the public the subscription result of the IPO

We are one of only two licensed issuing houses in Malaysia, plays an important role as an intermediary between companies seeking capital expansion through initial public offering (IPO) and investors who subscribe to the securities of the issuers and works closely with regulatory authorities, corporate advisers and its sister companies under the Symphony Group to dispense innovative and investor-friendly issuance services specialised to suit your corporate and business requirements. We aim to deliver a total solution to ensure that your transition from private to public listed company goes smoothly.

Interested In Issuing House?

Is your company preparing for listing on Bursa Malaysia? Be in touch with us for a free and no obligation discussion regarding your share issuance requirements with our experienced personnel from Malaysia’s leading issuing house.

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