Wealth Management Solutions


Symphony’s Wealth Management Solutions is the provision of application software development, computer solutions and technology consultancy services.

Symphony is the originator and distributor of the Spectrum© Software Suite, which comprises of e-Advisor©, e-Manager©, e-Director©, e-Protector© and e-Guardian©.

The Spectrum© software suite is designed to provide a total end-to-end solution for the whole value chain in the financial services distribution channel.

Service Highlights

A key player in the provision of a comprehensive platform in the wealth management of financial solutions in Malaysia is the Spectrum© Suite of Solutions.

Spectrum© is an integrated software and service solution covering financial planning, financial product distribution and portfolio management. With a strong support team and powerful alliances with major technology industry players, Spectrum© has built a reputation among financial institutions in Malaysia as well as the Asia Pacific region as the preferred solution for wealth management.

A brief description of our Spectrum© products is listed below.

Spectrum© e-Advisor

Is an integrated financial planning solution that is specially designed and developed to assist financial planners in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the financial planning cycle. Spectrum© e-Advisor offers a broad range of modular financial planning solutions and financial toolkits that are user-friendly over the internet/intranet. It is an ideal front-end solution for distributing proprietary and third party financial products. This solution is specially designed to support financial planning services.

Spectrum© e-Manager

Is a fully integrated solution for the distribution channels in the financial industry. The solution is designed to assist independent financial product’s distributors from the selling process, transaction capture, to administration and management of their operations as well as calculation of various incentives for their agents. The solution provides a seamless integration from the front-office to back-office functions. Spectrum© e-Manager also supports the various financial products’ offering, currently supporting unit trust and insurance.

Spectrum© e-Director

Is a fully integrated web-based solution for investment management or fund administration companies offering unit trusts, mutual funds or other collective investment schemes. Spectrum© e-Director alleviates manual processing by providing comprehensive and integrated features to support fund administration, investor management and channel management functions.

Spectrum© e-Protector

Is an effective sales tool specially designed to enable the sales force the proposition to provide comprehensive logical solutions to customers’ Bancassurance needs. Spectrum© e-Protector offers a broad range of modular needs analysis and fulfillment capabilities to recommend the right products to the clients. It is a powerful sales tool for servicing the clients efficiently and enhancing the sales force’s reputation and credibility.

Spectrum© e-Guardian

Is a fully integrated Bancassurance solution in-line with providing and distributing insurance products. This module can be independent or co-exist with Spectrum© e-Manager. The principle is to incorporate Bancassurance products and the associated back office processing functions required for tracking and maintaining the banks client base’s insurance holdings. The system will NOT provide actual underwriting facilities but will integrate with Bank’s multiple insurance partners back end system to update and monitor policy status etc.