Zakat Collection Booth @ Symphony House

Today, Symphony in collaboration with Lembaga Zakat Selangor opened a booth for the collection of alms or Zakat for the poor and needy on the ground floor of Symphony House. This annual affair is aimed at allowing the Muslim employees at Symphony to pay their Zakat conveniently. By having it at the lift lobby area from 10am to 3pm, visitors and tenants in the building were able to pay their contributions too.

As part of the package, an interesting talk on the Benefits of Ramadhan was given by Ustaz Hashim Fikrie Hj Ahmad Shauki Al Jawi. He made the talk interesting and at times funny to a mixed audience of 40 staffs young and old to understand the beauty of this holy month. It was refreshing to listen to Ustaz Hashim deliver a soulful and deep message in a light and easy manner yet totally meaningful.

There will be another talk organised with Bank Islam for 8 August by Ustaz Mohd Nazri Chik (Head of Bank Islam Syariah Division) who will touch on Ramadhan, an opportunity not to be missed. It will be held at the Training Room on Level 2 at 12.30pm.