The trip to Balik Pulau, Penang was an eye-catching one. This is the first time I went over there and the whole journey was very exciting and interesting where I got to enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery coupled with the thrill of driving the long, small and winding roads. The most frustrating part was when you encounter driving behind lorries going up the steep gradient where you have no chance of overtaking as the road was very narrow.

Mr. Frankie Tan and me started our journey at around 10.15 am and reached the school at around 11.20 am. When we reached the school, we were asked to meet Cikgu Fauziah at the Teachers’ Room. She immediately called Cikgu Azizah to come to the Teachers’ Room and make arrangement to have all the 20 students to assemble at the School Hall. On top of that she also arranged about 20 students to be present to witness the handing over of the envelopes of money and goodies to the students.

When we reached the School Hall, I witnessed the radiant faces of the students. They were patiently waiting to receive the goodies. Cikgu Fauziah then started to call each and every student to come up to collect the goodies. The students were well-behaved and said a word of “Terima Kasih”. After handing over all the goodies to the students, I was asked to hand over the shirts and books to Cikgu Fauziah and Cikgu Azizah. It took us about 45 minutes for the whole event.

Cikgu Fauziah and Cikgu Azizah then thanked Symphony for contributing the goodies, and money and T-shirts to the poor students and books for the school library.