@ Symphony We Love Our Environment

At Symphony, we love our environment, wildlife & community. Therefore, as part of our comprehensive initiatives to grow together as responsible citizens who care for the planet, continuous campaigns and activities must be constantly implemented in order to remind us of our motto.

Green Enhancements

Recently elegant potted plants were being brought in to green up the entrance area surrounding Symphony House. These foliages, will not only contribute to the beautification of the building, but also help induce a healthy sense of green-loving energy into the atmosphere.

Thanks to supportive cash donations from Symphony Corporatehouse along with some proceeds from the Group Comm’s Earth Day Sale in April 2013, the team took part in assisting the further enhancement of these potted trees by planting colourful drooping plants. It is essential for all Symphonians to notice this change as a little effort goes a long way.

Designated Smoking Areas

In trying to keep the air fresh, designated smoking zones have been set up in respect for non-smoking areas. It is also our essential responsibility to know the consequences of not managing our cigarette butts as everything in the universe is interconnected. Failure to practice this important step will lead to the pollution of our water resources and surroundings. Hence, please adhere to these procedures by ensuring all cigarette butts are properly disposed off into ash bins only and not in flower pots or strewn on the ground.

Segregation of Waste

Segregation of waste is part of managing what we put out to the environment. So, use the recycling coloured bins provided to help keep our place green, tidy and clean. Kindly recycle rubbish intelligently and make an effort to follow the signs and dispose your waste accordingly. Please remember not to conveniently throw harmful items such as chewing gums, cigarette butts, plastics bags and non bio-degradable items around the building.

Symphony House is our second home and we spend a great deal of our time here. So why don’t we work together to keep this a beautiful and healthy place to work and thrive in? Continuous green efforts will constantly be implemented to aim towards the betterment of not only ourselves, but also the planet and home that we live in.