Symphony Treasure Hunt 2013 – Mardi Gras!!!

On Saturday, 26 October 2013, Symphony for the sixth consecutive year organised its annual treasure hunt. This time, with the theme Mardi Gras, 35 cars headed to Ipoh, Perak searching for answers and hunting for treasures.

En Hamid flagged off the hunt at 8.15am in front of Symphony House and wished the teams good luck and encouraged them to win the challenge as well as to be careful along the way to the destination.

There were three checkpoints along the hunt, with 40 difficult riddles for the hunters to solve, two tasks and one treasure challenge to be completed.

1st Checkpoint – SJK (T) Ladang Kalumpang, Tanjung Malim, Selangor

Around 9:00am, a group of hunters in orange t-shirt wandered around the shop lots trying to solve the riddles before proceeding to SJK (T) Ladang Kalumpang, Tanjung Malim where participants were given the option to choose between two challenges, Iron or Paper. While Iron seemed to be easy, it was very difficult to stabilise the 10 nails on a single standing nail. The Paper challenge though gave a headache to the team members as they were required to be visually creative to cut a piece paper according to the sample given. Both tasks were definitely challenging but everyone showed very good team spirit and sportsmanship in completing the given task.

2nd Checkpoint – TG Value Mart, Pekan Bidor, Perak

After finishing the challenge, the hunters hit the pedal and headed to Bidor to solve the next riddles, where answers were believed to be there amongst the signboards in the town.  In Bidor, there was another task for them. Teams were required to buy eight items according to the list; foodstuff, toiletries and stationeries and they must get the exact amount of RM23.92 of all items at TF Value Mart, Pekan Bidor.

3rd Checkpoint –Orang Asli Settlement, Batu 6, Tapah, Perak

As the hunters were hunting for the treasures, they also hunted for charity. They then had to submit the all the ‘treasures’ they bought in Bidor at the TF Value Mart to the Orang Asli Settlement, Batu 6, Tapah.  The treasures consisted of toothbrushes, soy sauces, instant noodles, snacks, canned food, soaps and more were necessary items for daily use..

However, it was not just handing in the treasures, every team needed to weave an ‘atap nipah’ with the guidance of the residents. Some teams had a hard time weaving the ‘atap nipah’ and they were stuck for quite a long time doing the challenge.

4th Checkpoint – Symphony Suites Ipoh, Ipoh, Perak

It was past 3:45pm as most of the teams were done with the weaving challenge. They then rushed to Ipoh where they were given five more riddles to solve and submitted their answers at Symphony Suites Ipoh. Afterwards, all hunters checked in at Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments for the next event on the itinerary, Mardi Gras Night

Mardi Gras Night – Cinnamon Ballroom, Tower Regency Hotel & Apartment

At 7.00pm, Symphonians dressed up in their best Mardi Gras costumes and attended the dinner. It kicked off with a welcoming speech by Wendy Khoo, Symphony’s Director of Corporate Human Resources, followed by interesting stage games, performance competition and prize giving sessions.

This year, Pumpkin Hunter 3.0 from HRS won the treasure hunt competition, grabbing the lucrative cash prize of RM1200. They also won the Symphony LRT Hunt in KL, held in May 2013. The runner-up, KIJO from Starhub went away with the cash prize of RM800. Dora’s the Explorer from CHR won the third place, followed by team Quadrones from CF and XR Man from SSR.

The best dressed male and female for the night were awarded to Kanna from OA who bravely dressed up as a drag queen and Francine from CHR, who gorgeously attended the dinner with her improvised dressed and mask.

As for the performance competition, Team Pussycats blew the stage with their ‘goyang inul’ dance and won the competition.  Runner-up was Cristine and Joo Seng with their acoustic performance and The Curry Killers took the third spot as they electrified the party with their turntables, dances and music. The XR Man who showcased their ‘Zapin’ dance claimed the fourth spot.

All in all, it was an exciting excursion for everyone, a stronger bond within the group was formed at the end of day. Congratulations and Kudos to all who participated!