Symphony Ramadhan Charity Bazaar

Symphony’s maiden Ramadhan Charity Bazaar started on 23 July and will end on 15 August 2012. Trading time is from Monday to Friday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm on the Ground Floor of Symphony House. Since the bazaar began this week, it has been a hit with all Symphonians.

There are ten stalls selling all types of delicious food, different flavoured drinks, sweet and savoury Malay kuihs, original wild honey in jars and Hari Raya cookies. One stall sells colorful hijabs and scarves. Having the Ramadhan bazaar just at the doorstep is really convenient for the staff, as they can purchase food for iftar/dinner without having to worry about traffic, parking etc. We also informed our “neighbors” to come over to our Charity Bazaar by giving out flyers so they can come, see and buy.

The rental fees that we have charged the traders will go to charity. We are currently determining an orphanage outside Kuala Lumpur to hand over the money to the children as Duit Raya, together with food supplies which will be packed as hampers when we visit them on 13 August, 2012. We are also collecting unused books, clothes and other items that might be of good use to these children (and adults) when we visit.