Symphony Pool Competition 2013 – Final Rounds Recap

On 30 August 6 pm – 7:30 pm, the stage was set as the final two competitors faced off to claim top honors in the 2013 edition of the Symphony Pool Competition. Around 6:15pm, Symphonians came in throngs to support their colleagues in the final match.

The two finalists were Paul from Inbound who went against last year’s champion, Zaileen Bin Omar from Outbound for the grand prize and title of Symphony Pool Champion 2013. The first game was filled with interesting action as both players showcased their skills while trying to outwit one another. It was a bit unlucky for Paul as the lead slipped away from him and Zaileen ended up winning the round.

However, Zaileen got snookered in the second game leading Paul to earn a stylish win. This tied the best-of-three series at one game a piece leading to a dramatic winner-takes-all final game.  Each competitor used their skills to make some brilliant moves. Zaileen, who was looking to retain his title as reigning champ, ran the table to reclaim the title of Symphony 2013 Pool Competition Champion, a medal and cool cash prize of RM700.

The results for the competition are as follow:

1st place Zailin – RM700
2nd place Paul – RM400
3rd place Rafiq – RM200
4th Place Wong Jun Wei – RM100

Best Ten:

Izzat Ismail – RM50
Zulhasri bin Nowawi – RM50
Paul – RM50
Halimi bin Hj Sujai – RM50
Wong Jun Wei – RM50
Danish Kumar – RM50
Yazdan Hashemi – RM50
Zaileen bin Omar – RM50
Mohd Rafik bin Ali – RM50
Eddie Chong Ngee Chuang – RM50

p/s: The top ten who proceeded to the second round won a consolation prize of RM50 each.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the participants in helping make this the most successful competition yet.