Symphony LRT Hunt

On 18 May 2013, 130 Symphonians gathered at the Taman Jaya LRT Station for the first ever Symphony LRT Hunt. All 31 participating teams geared themselves up with various essential hunting goodies such as the trademarked carrier bags and caps in anticipation of the adventure that awaits them in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

After a short introductory briefing by Gary from Gary Event Management (GEM), Wendy Khoo (Head of Symphony Corporate Human Resource) flagged off the hunt at 9.30am. Hunters were required to solve a quick puzzle consisting of Greek alphabets before receiving their next instruction clue to head towards Masjid Jamek LRT Station.

The hunt was divided into three legs consisting of Leg A (Walk About in Masjid India), Leg B (Walk About in Pekeliling) and Leg C (Getting from the Raja Chulan Monorail Station to Wisma KFC). Participants had to solve various riddles such as cryptic sentences and also identify pictures from along the route. The most challenging part of the quest proved to be at the leg surrounding Masjid India where huge amounts of people, street signages and traffic posed as distractions to the hunt.

Upon arrival at Wisma KFC, team members submitted answers along with their treasure pieces which include a 75g tube of Colgate Fresh Cool Mint, a bar of Dettol Soap and a packet of Milo powder. A chosen member of each team then had to complete one final challenge by transfering 10 ping pong balls with chopsticks into another bin within 30 seconds. It was fun seeing other participants cheering for their team members during the challenge.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was served to everybody for lunch after the vigorous hunt. While waiting for answers to be revealed and the winners to be announced, Wendy & Mohan hosted a simple but yet captivating telematch session to keep everyone in anticipation.

The final presentation by Gary was without a doubt the highlight of the day as tricky answers were revealed and the winning teams announced. The first grand prize of RM600 went to “Pumpkin Hunters”, followed by “Diversity 600” who won RM500 in light of second place. Mike Babies walked away with RM400 as they claim the spot of second runner-up.

Cash prizes were ceremoniously presented to deserving teams by Norhana Ismail (Head of Group Corporate Communications), Sivaneswaran (Head of Cheque Processing) & Wendy Khoo to the deserving teams.

A summary of the winners and their winnings are as follows,

  1. Pumpkin Hunters – RM600
  2. Diversity 600 – RM500
  3. Mike Babies – RM400
  4. Matahari Malam – RM300
  5. City Hunters – RM250
  6. Biawak Idup – RM200
  7. Karisma – RM200
  8. Kijo – RM200
  9. Power Rangers – RM200
  10. Rail Hunters – RM200

At Symphony, we believe in doing things for a good cause and the treasure pieces that were collected will be donated to a charity home. If you think you can hunt, don’t forget to participate in the next Symphony treasure hunt that will be held come October 2013. Don’t miss out!