Symphony Futsal Tournament 2013

The Subang Grand Sports Planet once again hosted Symphony’s annual Futsal Tournament last Saturday, 20 April 2013 from 9am – 2pm. A bit different from 2012, this year’s tournament turned out to be more vibrant as four female teams participated in addition to fifteen male teams competing against each other to bring back the trophy, medals and cash prizes.

As early as 8am, some of the excited players were already at the futsal arena, warming up and practicing their football skills. The tournament kicked-off at 9am and everyone demonstrated high-jinks in cheering their teams. En. Hamid who is well-known of his enthusiasm for football also turned up to watch Symphonians score and defended goals.

Before the 2nd round started, En Hamid went into the pitch and showed everyone a glimpse of his talent, shooting and juggling the ball for a couple of rounds with Mike Babies B team. After that, the knock-out stage began and the supporters’ antics just got livelier as the atmosphere got more intense.

Expecting the unexpected, there were lots of surprises throughout the tournament. The underdog Komisen Lebih from Outbound won the tournament, taking the flame over last year’s champion, Pipit’s FC and the three-time champion All Star FC. The team edged Asal Boleh FC from OA in a 3-1 heart-stopping final and claimed the Symphony Futsal Tournament 2013 trophy by walking away with medals and RM1,000 cash prize. The first runner-up Asal Boleh, was awarded RM600 whilst the second runner-up, Mike Babies A from Inbound received RM400 along with medals. The champion however for the Loser’s Pool category went to SSR FC who received RM100 cash prize and medals.

The women teams were equally as impressive as the men teams. It was an amazing sense of pride to see Symphonian ladies putting their legs to the ball while kicking and running on the pitch. The SBSB Running Girls won the tournament and walked away with medals and a cash prize worth RM350. The first runner-up went to pink jersey-ed Corporate Ladies who brought back medals and RM250. The 2nd runner-up was SSR Girls who received medals and a cash prize worth of RM200. Siku Lipat also did not go back empty handed as they brought back medals and RM100 cash as consolation prize. Prizes were handed out to the team by En. Hamid to the well-deserved winners.

The amount of squealing, cheering, laughter and applause generated by the enthusiastic crowd within the Futsal arena helped made this event into a fun and exciting one like no other. Co-workers, families and friends came out in throngs to liven things up and cheered on their favourite teams. All participants demonstrated true spirit of sportsmanship throughout the game. Competent tackles were reciprocated with smiles and humble apologies, goals were joyfully celebrated and winners were congratulated by opponents. Without a doubt, the tournament has indeed brought everyone and all of us closer together.

Kudos to everyone and all participating teams for their very gracious spirit on Saturday!