Symphony Bowling Tournament 2012

The red team at Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 23 June 2012 was not to be missed. Over 200 Symphonians, friends and families gathered to make a lot of noise! The participants chose creative names for their 35 bowling teams and brought good sporting spirit to the game.

The tournament began at 10.30am to a roaring start as the teams of five bowled diligently, each throwing two frames to compete for the grand prizes. The amount of squealing, cheering, screaming, clapping and laughing filled the bowling arena creating a fun and happy atmosphere. Co-workers, families and friends came out in throngs to liven things up and cheer on their favourite teams.

It was amazing to see such bonding amongst Symhponians as teams from across the business units showed off their bowling skills as well as superb team spirit. Some even showed finesse in their gait while bowling that left the audience breathless as they hammered the pins victoriously with every throw. Many wondered if their colleagues were maybe professional bowlers?!

Encik Hamid was there to support each team as they scored. He continuously did his rounds from start to end encouraging the players. The cash prices and medals were given out by En. Hamid and Robin Chew to the well-deserved winners.