Symphony Blood Donation Drive 2013

This years Symphony Blood Drive took place on Thursday 8 July 2013 in the R&R.  The goal this year was to break last years total of 99 bags. It was a good start to the day as 60 bags were collected before lunch, as there was no shortage of volunteers.

What was a pleasant surprise was that it was not just Symphonians who gave blood, as folks from other businesses in the area made the trip from their workplaces to donate. With the aid of charitable donors we had filled over 118 bags by the end of the day, well surpassing last year’s record!

Dr. Jai Nandani with Pusat Darah Negara had stated that this years blood drive had surpassed expectations. Breaking our record was an excellent way to finish the day as Symphonians got to help their community while being able to take a break from work and meet new people at the same time.