Symphony’s Treasure Hunt 2012: Wild Wild West

On 20 October 2012, Symphony organised its fifth Treasure Hunt with the theme Wild Wild West. This time the hunt destination was to Cherating in Pahang. 58 teams participated this year.

The flag off was at 8am in front of Symphony House. Tan Sri Azman and Encik Hamid stood at the starting line and wished the teams good luck and encouraged them to win the challenge.

There were 27 mind-blowing riddles for the hunters to solve and to get through the checkpoints on their way towards Cherating.

1st Checkpoint – Pusat Jagaan Orang-orang Istimewa

As the hunters were busy hunting for the clues, they also hunted for charity. Early in the race, they had to collect ‘Treasures of the Captains’ and submit all five ‘treasures’ to Pusat Jagaan Orang-orang Istimewa in Mentakab.  The treasures delivered here consisted of Milo, Munchy’s Biscuits, Dettol, Soap and Minute Maid Pulpy drink.

All 58 teams managed to submit the ‘treasures’ and most of them submitted the correct items. Some cash and extra items were also donated by the generous hunters to the home.

2nd Checkpoint – The Black Abyss

Done with the treasures, the next challenge was ‘The Black Abyss’ where they had to put their hands deep into the bin and to guess the hidden things inside. Afterwards, they were given the in-car challenge which needed them to name the capital city of the countries highlighted on the world map.

3rd Checkpoint – The Legend Resort, Cherating

Upon arrival at the Legend Resort, hunters had to submit their answers and then finish the hunt by doing the last challenge, which was to place six bolt nuts vertically by just using a stick. It was fun seeing Symphonians supporting one another during these challenges. Whenever one was performing a challenge, the others were clapping and cheering in excitement to support their team members.

Wild Wild West Dinner – Nagasari Ballroom, The Legend Resort

At 7.30pm, Symphonians dressed up in their best Wild Wild West costumes and attended the dinner. It kicked off with a welcome speech by Tan Sri Azman Yahya, followed by interesting stage games, dance competition and prize giving sessions.

This year, Symphony witnessed a new winner for the treasure hunt competition, ‘Caraleya’s Hunter’ from FS who won with outstanding 138 points leaving the runner-up, ‘Street Hunter’ from SBSB 23 points behind. The best dressed male and female were awarded to Jo Jo from Outbound and Siti Sabihah from HR respectively.  Dance Conqueror blew the stage with their ‘Gangnam’ dance and won the dance competition.  Runner-up was Allison with her solo performance and Solero took the third spot with their self-choreographed dance.

Although it was an exhausting day for the hunters, it was a day to remember as they had so much fun during the hunt, finding the clues and an enjoyable time at the dinner with the colleagues.