Power Walk @ Bukit Gasing

On Saturday, 6 October 2012,  Tan Sri Azman Yahya together with 38 excited Symphonians gathered at the Gem Restaurant on Jalan Gasing (at 7am) for the power walk up Bukit Gasing. This was the second Power Walk organised in 2012 and it was encouraging to see Symphonians sacrifice their precious sleep on a weekend to participate in a fun and healthy activity.

Siva R and Taranjit from SBSB have been running at Bukit Gasing every weekend for some time now so they know the hill like the back of their hands. After a short briefing by Siva, everyone was eager to charge up Bukit Gasing and explore the challenging 5km route 3. However, they first had to walk up the 1km tarmac road leading to Bukit Gasing.

Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the entrance of Bukit Gasing. There they took  a group shot in front of the tall wooden gate flanked by lush vegetation and towering trees. As they started their walk, they could hear birds chirping in the trees as they moved swiftly in the scenic woods of Bukit Gasing.  Siva led the group while Taranjit and Siva M stayed at the end of the line to ensure no one got lost, injured or was left behind.

Along the way, they met many friendly joggers who greeted and encouraged them. This made their excursion even more pleasant. There were some pretty steep hills they scaled that day and a few times some were short of breath but with the few stops they made, they were able to gather their strength and continue their journey without problems.

Finally, slightly over an hour, they arrived at the Canopy Walk in good spirits. Everyone was delighted to cross it and couldn’t help but take more pictures there. After all the excitement, they took a quicker route out of the woods and walked down the  road to the Lotus Restaurant on Jalan Gasing for a well-deserved teh tarik and roti canai.

The SSR team took this opportunity to throw a surprise belated birthday bash for their boss, Azlina Ozair. So apart from the breakfast, everyone had a slice of the delicious birthday cake. Tan Sri Azman Yahya generously treated everyone to the breakfast session. This outing brought together Symphonians from the different business units and allowed them to bond with one another at a more relaxed environment.