Super GT Round 3 Malaysia

The Super GT Malaysia took place at Sepang International Circuit during the weekend of 15 & 16 June, 2013. Symphonians were treated to 800 sponsored tickets, which were given out last Tuesday at the R&R on Level 2. The annual two day event proved to be popular amongst excited Malaysians and car enthusiasts alike as attendees took the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rare festive atmosphere celebrating speed and agility.

The qualifying round took place on Saturday between 4.30pm – 5.42pm, as drivers attempted to post the fastest lap times in order to attain the best starting position. There were also plenty of events happening off-track such as Judo and Karate demonstrations, dance competitions, a bike show featuring a burnout display, a sushi eating contest and various performances by the GT race queens.

One of the most anticipated activities at the Super GT was the pit walkabouts, where visitors got to roam around the open-air tarmac and interact with the drivers and GT Queens up close. They also got to experience the electrifying atmosphere on pit lane. As the on-track festivities wound down for the day, a concert put on by Dash Berlin at night kept fans entertained well into the early morning hours.

On Sunday, Tan Sri Azman Yahya jumped behind the wheel of a Toyota GT86 Group N Spec and raced for a charity under the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Tan Sri Azman drove an intense race in a group of 12 other cars, which included 3 professional racing drivers, and 9 non-professionals. After a laudable performance the Group Chief Executive (GCE) of Symphony finished in third place behind two professional drivers and ahead of another.

The final leg of the race started at 4pm on Sunday. With 54 laps lasting over 2 hours, it provided ample opportunity for race fans to witness their favourite cars and drivers. The main grand stand proved to be a popular viewing spot, as the majority of Symphonians and other attendees were seen there stationed in their seats and on their feet throughout the race.

The race ended at 6pm. After a tight round featuring numerous position changes and almost collisions with other cars, the Calsonic GT-R team won first place overall, and the ARTA CR-Z GT won the GT 300 class. Panasonic Prius GT took home the crown for the Hybrid class.
The Super GT provided two days of action and excitement for both race and non-race fans alike, with the only downside to it being that we have to wait another year to enjoy this amazing spectacle of power and precision.