Inbound Deepavali Night 2012

In celebrating the Festival of Lights, the Inbound team organised a Deepavali Night at the R&R area, Level 2 on 30 November 2012. Everyone attended in their best Jeepa, Salwar Khameez and Saree. The event started at 6:30pm with the welcoming speech given by Karu. Delicious dishes were served and everyone was eager to savour each dish.

During the event, the stage was opened to anyone who volunteered to do a performance. The talented colleagues took the chance and performed interesting solo, duo and group dances. Rani who performed during the Breakfast @ Symphony, again enthralled everyone with her catchy solo performance.

Besides having the stage opened for everyone, they also had best dressed awards for the team members. The best dressed awards for female were won by Sheena and Malini Devi while Prabanathan and Hardeep were announced as the best dressed males. All of them received RM50 each.

Scrumptious food infused with great performances and beautifully dressed attendees, the event was amazing and it went until 9pm.