SSR Staff Trip to Pangkor Island

On Saturday, 26 January 2013, the SSR team along with their family members went for a 3D2N staff trip to Pangkor Island. The trip was held to commemorate their good works and efforts throughout the year 2012. Apart from having fun and enjoying the beauty of one of the most visited islands in Malaysia, the team members also bonded with one another throughout the duration of the trip.

Upon arrival at the Puteri Bayu Beach Resort, Pangkor Island, some of the team members took the opportunity to rest and relax after their tiring journey from Symphony House. Later in the night, team members were excited upon inspection of a fishing net at the beach. The net in which was installed earlier on by local fishermen, promises Symphonians that all harvested sea produce can be brought home.

The next day, team members adjourned to the beach to participate in a series of telematch games. Exciting games such as Coconut Bowling, Balloon Games, Giant Sandal Race were also included. Attendees from all three teams consisting of Proxy, Share Holders and Invitees were playing against each other.

Following the conclusion of the telematches, team members were up for a volleyball match where Mr. Robin Chew himself showed a glimpse of his talent in playing the game. The team members then participated in a snorkeling activity that took place at the coral reefs bay. Despite the day proving to be fruitfully exhausting, everyone had an amazing time that was worth every last drop of energy. The day got even better when team members got to indulge in an activity of feeding the fishes with their bare hands.

At the onset of dusk, every one was ready for a Barbeque night, in which all kinds of seafood that was caught the night before, was served. The dress code of ‘Batik & Sarung’ was the focal theme in which everyone successfully strived to be a part of. As the dinner went on, a Karaoke Contest was held simultaneously. It was truly an entertaining event as each team members showed their ability to sing in the highest possible note they could. Prizes and awards pertaining to the Lucky Draw, earlier Telematch Games and the Karaoke Contest were given by the end of the night.

On Sunday, team members bid farewell to Pangkor Island after a savoury lunch and returned home with great memories. It was truly an astounding staff trip to be remembered.