SCH Team Building at Swiss Garden Resort & SPA Kuantan

It was all about the sizzling sun, smooth sand & the serene sea over the long 1Malaysia weekend from 14 to 16 September 2013 for the SCH team members as they had a team building and company trip at Swiss Garden Resort & SPA, Kuantan.

The short trip was instrumental in not only enhancing the team spirit but also reinforcing the sense of belonging as ONE SYMPHONY! The warmth of the comradeship and the values generated from the various activities held during the 3 days vacation will remain etched in their memories.

The gala dinner on the last night in Kuantan, that showcased Symphonians adorned in line with the party theme “Fire & Ice” was a big hit. Nobody cared about which element was stronger, the fire or the ice? Obviously, fire can consume ice; just as ice in its liquid form can consume fire. The simple truth was that everyone present there had a jolly good time and left the venue satisfied with their time being well spent.

In a nut shell, the 3D2N company trip was awesome and has left them yearning for more such fun-filled activities.