SCH Company Trip to Eagle Ranch Resort (15-17 Sept. 2012)

“Excitement and Dare to be different” were the rules of the Game.

The staff of Symphony Corporatehouse Sdn Bhd organised a 3 days 2 nights fun-filled company trip combined with team building to Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson from 15 to 17 September 2012. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone especially walking on tightly-held rope/planks which were suspended over 36 feet above the ground. Undoubtedly it was nerve wrecking but Symphonians stood up to the challenge fearlessly. Other activities included the treasure hunt, obstacle courses, telematches and management games. Apart from improving our team spirit, the short trip also instilled the sense of belonging as ONE SYMPHONY!

For the gala dinner, the staff came out in full gear in Red Indian, Cowboys and Cowgirls outfits in tune to the theme of the night “Wild Wild West”. Guess who was in town (Picture 12)? Yes, the arrival of Encik Abdul Hamid, our Executive Director definitely surprised everyone. With a pool of talented Symphonians, series of well-planned activities especially the musical sketch and in particular, the “Symphony Gangnam Style” brought the night to another climax.

Not forgetting also, the Happy Draw session which saw the giving away of “gifts of appreciation” to every staff. The best dressed award was also another session exposing the playful genre of nominated best dressers.

It was  definitely a night to remember. Looking forward to the next trip!