QA Team’s Stress Releasing Acitivities

Every Friday after lunch,  the QA department from the Outbound team will have a short activity to release stress. This week, they chose to play Strong Wind Blow.  Here is how they play this game and all the other games on a rotational basis:

Strong Wind Blow

  • One person has to stand in the middle and say “Strong Wind Blow” while others who are sitting need to reply “Blow what?”
  • The person who is standing needs to choose something, for example: Blow those who are wearing Jeans…and those who are wearing jeans need to change from where they are sitting to another seat.
  • Those who are not able to grab their seats will need to stand in the middle and repeat the same thing.

Ayoh Ping Pong Piang

  • Ten people form a circle and each one of them must choose a number from 1 to 10 (Depending on how many people are playing the game).
  • The game starts with someone mentioning “Ayoh” and whoever next to the person has to mention “Ping” and the next person has to mention “Pong” and the following person has to mention “Piang”.
  • The fifth person, sitting next to the one who said “Piang” has to choose and mention one number from 1-10 but not his/her own number.
  • The chosen number (person) has to say “Ayoh” quickly and does the same thing as mentioned above.
  • If the person does not respond “Ayoh” quickly, that person needs to stand in the middle and everybody must whack this person with a roll of paper (gently).
  • And then the game starts again…..Ayoh Ping Pong Piang.


  • Get into two groups. Group A & B.
  • Both groups have to choose a movie.
  • Group A will choose one person from Group B and tell him/her the movie title.
  • Then, the chosen player needs to act silently based on the movie title. His/her team needs to guess what the movie title is within 1 to 2 minutes
  • After group A finishes, then  it’s Group B’s turn.

They had a good time playing the Strong Wind Blow game and it definitely boosted their mood to continue working. Let’s see what they will play next week.