Power Walking @ Bukit Gasing

On 16 March 2013, Symphonians gathered at the entrance of Bukit Gasing for a healthy session of power walking. The Saturday morning activity lasted for two and a half hours between 7am – 9.30am. Led by Siva and Taranjit, the team ventured deep into the winding trails of the green reserve, climbing steep terrains while admiring the lush tropical green vegetation that surrounds the entire park.

Although the route was vigorously challenging at some point, but the cool morning atmosphere combined with the soothing sounds of flowing streams, helped made this walk a pleasantly rewarding experience.

On the way back to the starting point after almost 2 hours, Symphonians were surprised to witness a local jogathon organised by the neighbourhood’s SMJK Katholik of Petaling Jaya.

At the conclusion of the power walk, participants adjourned to the nearby Lotus Restaurant for some conversation, light breakfast, as well as a well-deserved cup of teh tarik.

The activity was also organised as a preliminary round of training for those who will be scaling Mount Kinabalu come October 2013. So don’t miss out on the next opportunity to stay fit and healthy with Symphony.