Power Walk in the Park, Bukit Gasing

It was a refreshing Saturday morning on 12 May, when 35 Symphonians and family members congregated at the Gasing Hill Park entrance for Symphony’s first power walk in the park.

After a short briefing, Siva R led the group up Gasing Hill taking route number two whilst two of his team members Taranjit and Siva M, trailed at the end to ensure no one was left behind or was injured during the walk. We scaled the hills courageously inhaling the fresh air while our eyes focused on the terrain we were taking synchronising our steps as we moved along moderately. Still, we didn’t miss the lush greenery, birds chirping on the tall trees and the little streams we came across on our wellness journey through this jungle.

We joined many early joggers and runners who knew the hill and its three routes like the backs of their hands. Of course they overtook us like champions and our quiet voices told us that someday we would be champions of this hill too. For now, our stride began to become heavy and our breathing too. By the time we got to the lookout tower twenty minutes on, we needed to take five if not more. Other colleagues, who were more fit, took this opportunity to chat with one another and even got to make new friends.

We finished our journey slightly over an hour and met at Lotus Restaurant down the road for our well-deserved teh tarik and roti canai. This outing brought together old and new Symphonians and created a special bonding that can only be beneficial to everyone, as our paths will surely cross sooner or later at Symphony House.