Power Biking @ Bukit Cahaya

On Saturday, 23 February 2013, Symphonians gathered at Bukit Cahaya (Taman Pertanian Malaysia) for an exciting activity of Power Biking. The fruitfully vigorous event which lasted for 2 hours between 8.30am – 10.30am, had participants cycling through winding trails, lush vegetation, and steep slopes amidst the cooling morning atmosphere. From leisure cycling to sweating it all out, the activity was a healthy start to the weekend.

Bukit Cahaya is a sprawling park encompassing multiple terrains and cycling trails of differing layouts, which made social interaction amongst participants and catching up with one another on bicycles, an amazingly fun experience like no other.

After the exhilarating sport, Symphonians adjourned to a comfortably shaded spot to share their breakfast. The simple pot-luck gathering, turned unexpectedly into a feast when participants were spoilt for choice at the variety of breakfast food that were laid out on the table. This event proved to be hugely popular, so don’t miss out on your next opportunity to stay fit and healthy with your fellow colleagues.