PM CARE Medical Briefing @ Symphony

On the 5th & 6th February 2013, Symphony conducted a PM Care Medical Briefing for the employees at the Training Room on Level 2. The talk was scheduled to four sessions each, catering to different departments and business units where each briefing was held for no longer than one and a half hours.

During the sessions, the attendees were enlightened about the provided packages and other features of being named as a PM Care member. In addition to that, Pn. Norhayati Mohd Hashim (the speaker from PM Care) explained in detail the important procedures in obtaining medical treatment and claims, as well as the exclusions of the provided packages.

Symphony Group of Companies liaises with PM Care as its panel clinic and that provides commendable medical coverage. The session was very beneficial to everyone in order to have a better understanding of the privileges they are entitled to.