Paparazzi Night – CMS Outbound

On Saturday, 6 April 2013, CMS Outbound held an annual dinner at the Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya. With this year’s theme being Paparazzi Night – Walk of Fame, team members dressed up looking like their favourite celebrities such as Edward Cullen, PSY, Reshmonu, Zizan Razak, Adam Lambert, Shila Hamzah, Angelina Jolie & Kavita Kaur.

The event started with a glorious opening of the Zapin dance, performed by Symphony Zapin Crew followed by the arrival of two important figures in Symphony, the GCE, Tan Sri Azman Yahya & the ED, En. Hamid. Around 8.00pm, after Tan Sri’s welcoming speech, dinner was served and lucky draw prizes were given out simultaneously to winners. Everyone waited anxiously for their numbers to be called out and was squealing with excitement as each ticket was being drawn out! An approximate value of prizes worth RM35, 000 were given out to the lucky team members.

The ecstatic atmosphere of the ballroom was enhanced by fantastic performances by various team members.  Five teams, each representing their own creativity were competing to win Outbound Best Dance Crew.

The best team was PRU BOOM POW who performed a comedy sketch that infused funny dances together with a coherent story line. The performance was pleasing, colourful and very well synchronised. The 1st runner up went to The Unexpected. They performed a stunning Indian dance and a parody of Beyoncé Knowles’ Single Ladies music video. The 2nd runner up, Sapphire was quite different as they came up with melodic live music combined with a magic show by one of the team members. The winner walked away with RM2,000 cash prize, 1st runner up got RM1,500, 2nd runner up won RM1000 and the other teams, Support & EXP won the consolation prizes which are Mark & Spencer hampers worth RM400.

As the dinner went on, Outbound’s Paparazzi Night had four titles to be given away to the best dressed & most popular male and female team members. The best dressed for male was awarded to Ismail Abdul Aziz who dressed up in a dashing suit in imitation of Edward Cullen. The best dressed female award went to Iris Siraprapa Senakun, who attended the dinner as Munin (Thai actress) in a simple yet classy dress. Both of them won RM500 cash prize. Mr & Miss Popular were awarded to Raymond & Abby who both walked away with RM500 cash prize.

Surprise might be the best word to describe the end of the night. The management team went on stage and performed an impromptu Banggara dance. Tan Sri surprisingly announced that all competing dance crew will be awarded with another RM1,000 cash prize for their great effort during the performances. The event finally reached a conclusion and Symphony hopes to observe an equally outstanding dinner next year.