Inbound’s Christmas Decoration Competition

In celebrating Christmas, the Inbound team held a Christmas Decoration Competition on Wednesday, 19 December 2012, at 7pm. Five teams; Reader’s Digest, Nikon, CPP, Abbott and U-Mobile were competing to win this festive season celebration initiative.

A few days before the event, the teams started to prepare the decorations. As they decorated their workstations, they also practiced for the performances on the day of the competition.

Every team had a unique decoration. The Nikon team created a Christmas tree with just books and boxes. The Reader’s Digest and CPP teams came up with a chimney and a snow man. Meanwhile, the U-Mobile team had an entrance in the shape of an arc where they hung mistletoe in the centre. The Abbott team had a special Christmas decoration using metallic blue and white colours. To make it more interesting, the judges were asked to identify the number of miniature Santas embedded in their decorations.

Besides the decorations, the team members took the opportunity to dress in their best Christmas costumes. The talented teams each did a special performance.  However, the CCP team kept the judges in stitches with their funny and animated performance.

En. Hamid, Wendy, Hana and Linda were the judges for the competition.  It was a tough decision for the judges to make as each team had very good decorations and performed very well.  At the end of it all, the Reader’s Digest team won the competition and brought back RM500 cash prize.  The runner up was the U-Mobile team who won a cash prize of RM300. After all the hard work, the Inbound team savoured a delicious dinner followed by the exchanging of Christmas gifts. It was a happy day that ended well and everyone was looking forward to celebrate Christmas and having a few days off with the family.

Merry Christmas!