Outbound Team Building Outing – Janda Baik

On 29 June 2013, the Outbound team gathered near Symphony to get ready for the journey to Janda Baik for a team building outing.

It is one of the regular yearly outings organised by team members to build management and leadership skills, and boost morale through overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and having fun as a team.

It also allows everyone a chance to get to know their fellow team members better outside of work, in turn building team spirit and establishing a positive culture (beliefs, values and behaviour). All of this leads to a high performing team by developing commitment, trust, communication, and a positive attitude, bringing about phenomenal results.

After an entertaining 40 minute journey, the team arrived at D’Ark Resort at 10 am. The day started with breakfast, then a “Free and Easy” activity followed by a picnic lunch. After lunch, everyone checked into their rooms and prepped food for dinner together. They ended the day with a round of games in the evening, a BBQ dinner at night with special performances by the team members, and wrapped up with a gift hamper presentation to all participants.

All in all it was a day filled with good times and better memories, while at same time bringing everyone closer together and instilling them with the attitude, abilities and beliefs that will help to make them and their team successful.