Outbound Cheer Contest

On 14 March 2013, the Outbound team had a Cheer Contest at Level 3 from 5.30pm – 6.00pm. Seven teams decorated their work stations and came up with unique cheers ranging from the Hakka Cry, football chants, Harlem Shake, raps & lots more. The cheers focused on the same theme, to move forward in achieving greater goals and perform better in the future.

En. Hamid and Celine Chan, the special guests of the competition went around the call floor accompanied by two judges, Gerard Thomas, Head of Group Office Administration and Norhana Ismail, Head of Group Corporate Communications.

The evening was filled with energetic and inspiring cheers by all the teams. Team No.3, which performed the Hakka Cry won the competition, followed by the Team No.1 which came up with a very interesting kick-off opening ceremony. The second runner up was the Team No.5 who was all very synchronised while performing the cheer.

Exuberant team members were everywhere and some of the audience were touched by the passionate performers and showmanship during the competition. It was truly a memorable day for the Outbounders.