Outbound’s Team Outing & Home Visit

On 1 December 2012, Outbound’s teams had an outing to Kalumpang Resort & Training Center, Tanjung Malim.  At Symphony, diversity is the keyword of success and how these two teams work well on a daily basis is such a mere example of how diversity is practiced here.  Hence, solidifying the bond within both teams is important to ensure all individuals will continue to work well together.

At the resort, both team participated in exciting activities arranged by the resort committee.  The activities included treasure hunt, B2B balloon and ‘ping-pong’ ball race, romantic ball, flour game and more. Great participation by team members in all activities during the team outing brought everyone together.

Done with the activities, it was all free and easy time where some of them took the opportunity to have a little picnic just by the Kalumpang River.  At night, they had a Talent Night where the team members performed and showed to their talents. Some of them sang, acted, danced and played guitar.

The next day, they bid farewell to the resort and they made their way home, but first they dropped by at Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Mahabbah at Tanjung Malim to disburse donations on the courtesy of Symphony staff.  Weeks before, they collected some amounts of money and donations such as food stuff and clothes for this charity initiative.

The centre houses 19 children; some of them are orphans and some were raised by single mother and they are all male and still studying. The children go to school using just one van which accommodated all 19 of them in one trip.  It might be cramped but the littlest thing will do and the care taker has a plan to get another van to improve the school trip.

As the team arrived, they were greeted with beating of ‘Kompang’ and ‘Nasyid’ performed by the children. Some of the visitors shed tears during the visit, symphatised for the unfortunate fate of the kids. Nonetheless, the visit cheered the kids and brought happiness and joy to the care centre. The donations will help the centre in their daily consumptions and needs.

The team outing brought more than jolly time to the team members. Part of fun and laughter, they all did a good deed as a way of giving back to the community.