Outbound’s Popcorn Day

The popping sound from the popcorn machines and the aromatic smell of fresh popcorns were so inviting and made it almost impossible for the Outbound team to say no to the outraging temptation of having the delicious popcorns. It was the Popcorn Day at level 3 on 7 December 2012. The event started at 10am and ended at 5.30pm. There were more than 828 packets of zesty popcorns served in 10 varied flavours; original, caramel, wasabi, curry, seaweed, mexican spicy, chocolate, coffee, cheese and milk.

It was time for the team members to mingle around while enjoying the popcorns. The event was held in conjunction to honour the excellent Outbound team members as well as to celebrate their recent success of being awarded as the Best Department for Quarter 1 at the Townhall in mid-September.

On the whole, it was a cheery day for everyone and the atmosphere was full with popping fun and zesty joy.