New Year Power Walk @ Subang Ria Recreational Park

To kick-start the year 2013 on a healthy note, Symphonians had a New Year Power Walk, Poco-poco line dance and Aerobics at the Subang Ria Recreational Park on Saturday, 12 January from 7:00 am to 9:30 am. Some Symphonians brought their family along. It was a perfect setting for an outdoor activity as the lake was surrounded by lush vegetation and fresh air.

Taranjit from SBSB started the ball rolling by leading the warm up session prior to the brisk walking. After the team was complete, they started to Power Walk for two rounds around the lake.  Of course some preferred to jog while others enjoyed the morning air and the green surroundings. They then continued with more cardio exercises by doing Aerobics and the Poco poco line dance with Abby from the Outbound Team and finishing up with  light stretching with Siva R  from SBSB.

Everyone felt refreshed after all the swaying and sweating and they were ready for a picnic by the lake. They each prepared a light breakfast to share with the group. The moderate  menu included sandwiches, curry puffs, sponge cakes and teh tarik. It was a good healthy activity for Symphonians and their families.