MIH Karaoke Night

Awarded twice as the best department for Quarter 2 & 3 for the year 2012 during previous Townhall sessions, MIH (Malaysian Issuing House) surely worked hard to deserve the title. Thus in celebration of their achievements, the team went for a karaoke session at RedBox, The Gardens Mall on Friday, 5 April 2013. The outing not only commemorated their success, but also provided Symphonians with an opportunity to rejoice in the fun and strengthen bonds with their colleagues.

They departed from the office around 5:30pm to The Gardens Mall. The Karaoke session started at 6:30pm and ended around 12:30am. Everyone took turns to show off their talent, including Mr. Robin & TN. While their colleagues were singing, some danced  to lighten up the atmosphere of the evening. While singing their favourite songs, an awesome dinner was served. The food ranged from fresh oysters and lobsters, to fried chicken wings, grilled lamb, free flow titbits, drinks and lots more.

The outing ran till midnight and employees left the venue with a stronger and even better bond. The team ended the day with a stronger motivation to strive more in the coming years.

To MIH, we would like to congratulate you for having been named the Best Department for Quarter 2 & 3 for the year 2012. Keep up the good effort guys!