Malaysian Issuing House (MIH) Trip to Gold Coast, Australia

The MIH team went to Gold Coast, Australia for a staff trip on the 7 – 13 February 2013. The six-day vacation was truly a moment to remember as everyone enjoyed every single second they were there.

The team went to Sea World and watched trained dolphins and sea lions’ perform. Apart from the smart and well-trained animals captivating the audience; they were also amazed by the skilled locals who did stunts and flips on the Jet Skis they rode.

A visit to the famous amusement park of Movie World offered team members a different experience the next day. They tried motion simulators and courageously rode exhilarating movie-themed roller coasters. While walking around Movie World, they took photos with lots of famous movie characters and unique props; such as Batman’s Mobile, Scooby Doo and various Looney Tunes characters. The minor street show was considered the most interesting part of the trip in Movie World. The team witnessed a skits performance by The All-Star Parade where they showcased an entertaining police-and-bad-guy car chasing action.

After all the fun rides and stunts, the team visited Paradise Country Farm on 11 February 2013. What a day for team members as they were able to touch and mingle with kangaroos and koala bears. Whilst at the farm, the team had a BBQ lunch and the fresh meat that was served was simply the best they have ever tasted.

Staying at the Islander Hotel during the whole trip was an advantage for the team members as the establishment was surrounded by plenty of restaurants serving halal food along with a handful of other attractions. Team members also had an exciting shopping trip at Harbour Town which was just within walking distance from the hotel.

The journey and the experience was definitely a remarkable one for team members. The trip was a huge success, and a perfect getaway for the MIH team as it fostered a greater bond amongst the team members.