Malaysian Issuing House (MIH) Family Trip to Bukit Gambang Resort City

On Friday, 7 November 2012, MIH staff and their family members went to Bukit Gambang Resort City for a family trip.

The trip was part of the initiative for the team members to relax and settle down after all the hard work and as well as to celebrate the successful year.

Upon arrival of the team to the resort in the evening, it was time for them to rest and enjoy the beauty of Gambang. The next day, they went to Bukit Gambang Waterpark, where everyone had a fun warm-up session before they proceed with the telematch games. The games included Grab the Candies, Pirates Attack, Balloon Games, Sponge Games and more. Done with the waterpark, four teams went for a ‘war’ in a paintball tournament. It really was an exhausting day but it was worthy as everyone had a jolly time and the day just got even better as they had a Durian Feast after all the activities.

Later on the night, they had a BBQ dinner themed Black & Orange. Everyone dressed according to the theme, except Robin who purposely brought oranges (yes, the fruit), just for the sake of ‘dressed as per theme’. As the dinner went on, the prizes for Lucky Draw and Telematch Games were given.

The dinner and the prizes giving were not the end of the trip. On Sunday, the MIH team had a flying fox challenge. It was exciting to witness the team members dared themselves to do the challenge. Some of them even posed and did stunts while flying. Done flying, it was time for horse riding. The trip was uproarious, hilarious and amusing, but it was coming to an end. They bid farewell to Gambang after the savoury lunch and went back home with such great memories. It was truly a family trip to be remembered.