Inbound’s Joint Events

It was a refreshing week at the Inbound’s call floor as the team organised an event known as “Cordial April” from 22 – 26 April 2013 in which drinks were served throughout the week’s lunch time that included healthy Soy Milk (Monday), tasty Bandung Soda (Tuesday), sour Lemon Lime (Wednesday), the sweet Corn Milk Drink (Thursday) and fruity Kiwi Juice (Friday).

Alongside Cordial April, the team also threw a birthday bash for all April Babies on 24 April 2013 where three home-made cakes were served.

The week-long event culminated with the serving of 6000 delicious sticks of satays on the Satay Day Friday, 26 April 2013. Team members were also dressed in green to keep in tone with the colour theme of the drinks.

Amidst the grand feast, the event successfully brought everyone together in strengthening the bond between colleagues in achieving an admirable balance of work and fun in the department.