Inbound Christmas & New Year Celebration

On Friday, 11 January 2013 the Inbound team had a Christmas & New Year Celebration at the R&R area at 6.00pm. The event was held to celebrate the recent festive season, New Year and to welcome the new hires.

The event started with an upbeat dance battle between Spencer and Gerald. Spencer thrilled the audience with his smooth flowing dub step dance while Gerald killed the stage with his break-dancing and sleek moves. After the opening performance, the guests were invited to a delicious Indian buffet dinner. For dessert there was Mango pudding and a special cake from our GCE Tan Sri Azman Yahya who could not attend the event.

Santa too made an appearance to celebrate Christmas & 2013 with everyone. The entertainment continued with three (new hire) groups performing dances which they only practiced a few hours before the event. They were very engaging and did a great job at entertaining the crowd. They received a loud cheering and clapping from the floor, some even danced along with them.

It has been a tradition for the StarHub Inbound to have the best dressed awards in all their events. With the theme colourful costumes, Rani and Amutha won the best dressed awards. They both brought back a mystery prize given by Santa.

While enjoying the food, the dances, the jokes and the new friendships they made, the team strengthened the bond between them and heightened their determination to keep up the good work. It was an amazing evening for everyone and a good incentive for the StarHub Inbound to start off 2013.