Inbound’s CNY Celebration

In celebration of the prosperous Chinese New Year, the Inbound team organised a dinner party for team members on Friday, 22 February 2013 at the R&R to commemorate one of the most remarkable festive seasons in this multicultural nation, as well as to foster a sense of professional bond amongst one another.

The event started with the tossing of the Yee Sang by the management team while others yelled lucky wishes for a good note in 2013. Afterwards, the new hire teams took things up a notch with their captivating dance moves. As Harlem Shake went viral on the internet recently, almost all teams incorporated this into their performances. Whilst enjoying and cheering for their team members on the dance floor, delicious food was served for everyone.

As Karu and his team searched for the best dressed winners, they went on to every table of the crowd and had a little “Yam Seng” (drink to success) session with everyone, which was long, loud and energetic. As soon as the dinner ended, Siti Aishah & Snowy were announced as the best dressed winners, whom were both awarded with a mystery prize given by  Inbound’s management team.

It was a joyous occasion throughout the event. The food, the performances and the team spirit were just awe-inspiring and everyone had an amazing time with their colleagues, celebrating the year of the snake.