Home Visit to Saravanan Caring Home

In conjunction with the festival of lights, Symphony again visited Saravanan Caring Home, Seksyen 25, Shah Alam on Monday, 11 Nov ’13 during lunch time to distribute donated items collected throughout the festive season as well as to spend quality time with the children.

As the CSR team arrived, they were greeted by the children who donned colourful Deepavali clothes for this special occasion. Clearly, they were still in festive mood as the centre too was beautifully decorated. Just like last year, the kids were treated to KFC for lunch and before having their lunch, they recited a heartwarming prayer; where they thanked God for all the blessings and praised Symphony for doing a good deed. After lunch, they enjoyed a delicious cake and blueberry tarts compliments of Starhub Risk Management team.

This year the donated items were more as compared to 2012. The items included toiletries, stationeries, food stuff, clothes, sports items, and magazines. Some items items were purchased from the funds raised from Breakfast @ Symphony and others were collected from the latest Deepavali Charity Drive .

The founder of the home, Mr Muneswaran was pleased to see Symphonians dropping by again to spend time with the children. Unfortunately, there is a major concern with regards to the home. They have been asked to move to a different location by the end of the year as the house has been sold. Mr. Muneswaran is looking at a few properties to rent as their temporary shelter while they sort out the papers on their permanent home & centre which will hopefully be built some time next year.

The visit thought did make the children excited as they chatted to the CSR team sharing stories and jokes. The kids from this home is super talented as they treated the visitors to a few catchy dance performances. They then invited Symphonians to dance along with them.

The visit ended at 1.30pm and it was a priceless experience for both Symphonians and the children. The owner, his crews and the children were very grateful with the charity initiative. It might be easy to donate, but a visit is the greatest gift that can be shared with those who really need it.

p/s: If you want to help the centre in getting a new shelter, you can do so by buying a RM10 coupon for a fundraising event on 29.12.2013 at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Lots of lucky draw prizes to be won and Alleycats will be entertaining you during the events. Coupons can be bought from Group Comms at Level 8. The money will be channeled DIRECTLY to Saravanan Caring Home.