Home Visit @ Pusat Jagaan Orang-orang Istimewa Mentakab (SPCCM)

As 58 cars were flagged off for the treasure hunt at 8am on 20 October 2012, the Group Corporate Communications’ team made their way to the Pusat Jagaan Orang-orang Istimewa in Mentakab to deliver foodstuff and household products which were collected from the employees through the on-going festive season charity drive for the less fortunate. The items donated would hopefully assist the centre in their daily needs for the next few weeks.

The centre has been in operation for the past six years and is home to 27 physically and mentally challenged individuals between the ages of 15 and 75. When we arrived, Ariv and his team of three greeted us warmly. The four of them are responsible for the smooth running of this homey and very clean facility.

The residents of the home were especially pleased with our visit as some mingled with us excitedly while others sat quietly and enjoyed our presence in their home. Ariv gave us a brief description of the home and an insight of the daily activities there. He thanked us for our contributions and commended Symphony’s efforts in organising charity drives to help those in need.

As we finished our conversation, the first few cars of treasure hunters arrived at the home to drop off their ‘treasures’. The home was the first checkpoint for the participants of Symphony’s Treasure Hunt 2012 challenge.

The centre received many more gifts for their residents that morning. It was great to see all the smiling faces as we proceeded to the next checkpoint.