Food Distribution @ Kafa Al-Insaniah

On the afternoon of 29 July, 12 volunteers from Symphony packed and handed-out 500 meals to primary school children at Kafa Al-Insaniah for Ramadan.

Kafa Al-Insaniah provides children with education they normally would not receive by sponsoring them. They operate on a limited budget, so any aid they receive goes a long way.

This is the second consecutive year Symphony has participated in this programme, which helps children between 5-12 years old; some come from low-income families with many children (8 or more) and have a hard time getting three meals a day.

Volunteers generously donated their time to help bring smiles to the children’s faces as they handed-out meals of Kuih Melayu and Bubur Lambuk for Iftar. Even Tan Sri Azman Yahya spared some time to help distribute meals!