Endurance Training @ Bukit Tabur

On Sunday, 25 August 2013 a group of 10 Symphonians met at Bukit Tabur to do a training session for their upcoming Mount Kinabalu hike. The rigorous 5+ hour trip started before sunrise at 7am so that the group could avoid the hiking crowds, and also so they could take in the spectacular views of KL and the surrounding countryside in the morning.

As it rained the previous day the trail was still wet and slippery, making for some tricky footing as some rock climbing was required. This was especially treacherous in certain sections where the trail narrowed to the point that only one person could pass at a time, as there were cliffs on one side of the trail. Though the view from the top made the whole experience  worthwhile as the scene of the lakes in the countryside and KL covered in fog were absolutely stunning.

At the end of the day everyone made it back safe and sound, with some new memories of having conquered Bukit Tabur.