Earth Hour Week @ Symphony (25 – 29 March 2013)

It has been an enjoyable green week and we thank you for participating in the green habits proposed during the Symphony Earth Hour Week which held from 25 – 29 March 2013.  The Earth Hour Week @ Symphony proposed and encouraged the employees to use the stairs instead of the elevator, car pooling to work, conserve resources by switching off all electrical appliances when not in use,  saving paper and water and using cloth bags and eco-friendly carriers as opposed to plastic bags and styrofoams. During the campaign, Comms’ Rangers went around and randomly captured photos of those who were practicing the proposed green habits and they might stand a chance to win a gift.  Some of them even took their own initiative by sending their photos car pooling to work and doing other green habits.

The winners of the earth hour week either received a plant to nurture or a hand woven carrier bag to use as opposed to plastic bags. Winners were selected through the drawing of lots by En. Rahim, Head of Group Finance, Anita Sheila, Head of Legal & Eileem Chu, CE of Symphony Corportatehouse.

Below are the winners:

  1. Alice Teoh Chee Cheng
  2. Ariff Mohd Amin
  3. Asri bin Yusof
  4. Cecelia Koon See Min
  5. Celine Chan
  6. Siraprapa Senakun
  7. Pham Thi Thanh Giang
  8. Karumaviran Velaudan
  9. Lee Chai Cheong
  10. Lucie Huong Nguyen
  11. Ng Kong Onn

Congratulation to those who continue to do their part for our planet!