Earth Day Sale

A fun-filled Earth Day Sale was organised by the Group Comm’s team on Monday, 22 April 2013 between 11am – 2pm on the ground floor of Symphony House in commemoration of the annually observed worldwide celebration.

A wide variety of interesting items such as cactuses in hand-painted pots, guppies in colourful bowls along with bamboos and money plants in contemporary vases were sold to allow employees to beautify and green up their work spaces

Apart from that, elegant hand-woven carriers and specially designed Symphony eco-bags were also available for purchase in order to encourage the public in integrating these sustainable habits into their lives, and also to educate them about the importance of doing our part for the plant. Each participating buyer was also rewarded with a refreshing cup of Virgin Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil.

The sale attracted a huge crowd who turned up to show their support by shopping for these items where 100% of all proceeds from the funds raised will go towards the company’s ongoing green CSR activities such as tree planting, and also an upcoming visit to a turtle discovery centre in June 2013. Bell chimes and promotional voices were heard across the ground floor all afternoon to generate excitement and authenticity.

For those who have contributed to the success of this activity, we thank you for your support and also your compassion in doing your part for our planet, the home that we live in.