Corporate HR Durian Feast

On Friday, 4 January 2012, Symphony Corporate Human Resource department had a durian buffet at Donald’s Durian stall in SS2, PJ. Part of the team’s get together was to reflect on the success and challenges of 2012, as well as strengthen the bond within the team. It was a good activity to kick-start the New Year.

Although the gathering was a simple affair, the durians with its thorny skins but yummy flesh were perfect to make this group connect. The delighted guests took the challenge of identifying the varieties of durians on display but found it hard to distinguish the identical fruits they were eating. There was the fleshy and delicious Durian Sultan, the sweet and tasty D24, the authentic bitterness of the Durian Kampung and many more; even an avid durian consumer would have problems distinguishing the different tastes. Of course a durian expert – the man selling it – was there to help our HR team with that task.

Leaving behind just the seeds and skins, the team of 18 left the stall after two hours with smiles carved on their faces as they had an enjoyable time eating and chatting with one another.