CNY Festive Home Visit

In the spirit of this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, Symphony organised a charity home visit to Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang Cempaka in Kampung Subang on Thursday, 28 February 2013 between 11am – 1pm. 24 eager Symphonians who have been anticipating this event from the start, were ecstatic in their respective cars and vans which were going to the home.

Upon arrival, a welcome speech was given by the president of the association, Desmond Yeow who was clearly pleased with our presence and provided us with some information regarding a range of other welfares such as financial aid to families, supporting less fortunate children in their education and administering free physiotherapy treatment and stroke rehabilitation for the public.

At the start of the visit, residents of the home were treated to a beautiful Chinese and Zapin dance. It took weeks for the talented Symphony dancers to perfect their steps and their efforts paid off as the impressive performance became the highlight of the trip. Dancers were all impeccably dressed in their respective costumes and red outfits.

Red packets (from Outbound & Symphony) were then distributed twice amongst residents and caretakers of the home in the spirit of spreading prosperity and good luck. An extensive tour of the complex grounds soon followed, which took everybody around the various halls, dormitories and rooms of the residents.

After the tour, Symphonians spent some much needed quality time, getting to know and talking to the residents of the home. The atmosphere was made even merrier when a couple of participants spontaneously decided to sing a few classic Chinese songs, much to the delight and enjoyment of many residents.

Donation items such as groceries, toiletries, cardigans and bed sheets were given generously to the home at the end of the visit and Symphonians look forward to coming back to do more charity/voluntary work whenever the opportunity arises.