CMS Inbound Get Together

On Tuesday, 30 April 2013, CMS Inbound had a pot-luck session which began at 7pm. All teams participated and brought lots of yummy-delicious food to share with one another. With the theme of 1Malaysia, meals originated from various countries such as Thailand, Malaysia & India were brought together for everyone to savour.

The event was also a platform to continue the relationship among agents as well as the management team. In the midst of having a little soirée with the team members, a contest was held where each team ought to perform the Banana Song in unique ways. The RD team showed their creativity by wearing “poco” while performing.

During the event, Aishah, Raymond, Izyan, Fahd, Areej, Phui Kent & Pearly were rewarded a Thank You Card for being the Top Performers. A simple yet lively party it was, the event has brought everyone together. It was a day to remember at the CMS Inbound.