Breakfast @ Symphony 2013

The R&R was filled with an abundance of appetizing aromas as Breakfast @ Symphony 2.0, kicked off at 8 am on 8 July 2013. There were nine departments that participated in this charity drive, causing quite a stir at Level 2 as Symphonians were in as early as 7am to decorate their stalls and prepare their goodies.

Despite the early start things got busy quite quickly as hungry breakfast patrons came to purchase the numerous ethnic treats. The atmosphere was electric as stall volunteers peddled their goods by ringing bells and shouting out deals, giving it a very pasar-like feel. What also felt very market-like was the mind-blowing variety of food and drinks, which ranged from teh tarik and keropok to satay, chicken biryani, and everything in between.

To keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat, Sheena from Starhub wowed the crowd with two traditional Indian dances. She then led some members from the audience in a spontaneous dance routine, much to the amusement of those not participating. The second performance was by Naoto from the outbound team, who performed two Pakistani songs, first on an instrument called a Monochord, then on a traditional Malay instrument, the Gambus. Naoto revealed that he learned the songs in just 7 months, quite an impressive feat considering he did not speak any Urdu!

There were awards given for the Best Dressed Male and Female, Best Overall Decorated Stall, Unique 1Malaysia Stall and Best Selling Team.

The Outbound team won for Best Overall Decorated Stall, with their table-less, Kampung style décor. The inspiration for their theme was getting in touch with their roots, and originality. “We enjoyed the competitive atmosphere, as stalls were trying different methods to attract customers, and getting to interact with colleagues,” stated Jamilla and Oni.

The SSR department won for Unique 1Malaysia themed stall with a combination of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and even some Christmas decorations, representing the different nationalities in Malaysia. We asked stall volunteers, Asri and Zali, what they thought about the event. Both enjoyed the fact that it was a celebration of multiculturalism, and the ability to dress in traditional outfits. They also appreciated getting to celebrate culture while doing something good for the community and are looking forward to seeing more guest performances at the next Breakfast @ Symphony.

Terrence from the Outbound team won the Best Dressed Male with an outfit combining traditional Malay and Indian aspects. For him the favorite part of the event was being able to wear ethnic clothing and seeing performances from other cultures.

Yong Sok Yee from CHR won the Best Dressed Female in her traditional Iban outfit. She said ”It encourages Symphonians to appreciate  multiculturalism and good Malaysian food.”

For the second year in a row, the winner of the Best Selling Stall went to the CMS Inbound & Outbound department.

There were plenty of full stomachs and smiling faces as the two hour event came to a successful end, so congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Breakfast @ Symphony. We look forward to seeing you all at the next event!