Birtyday Bash @ Malaysian Issuing House (MIH)

It must have been very tiring for MIH team members on the closing date of Astro IPO on 1 October 2012 as there were lots to be done before they could call it a day. No matter what stress they went through that day, a special someone’s birthday could not be missed. Quietly, Noruzaimah and her team arranged a surprise party for their boss Tengku Norlidzah or TN as she is popularly known.

Two delicious cakes were prepared for that secret occasion. One was from TN’s staff and the other was sent by TN’s children – Atikah, Atiq, Atif and Athir – especially for their lovely Mom. It was a small celebration but a meaningful one for TN. She was really touched that her team remembered her birthday despite their busy schedule. Everyone was tired but the celebration certainly lifted their spirits as they continued with work until late that night.