ATV Ride & River Cleaning in Kemensah

The Sun was out in full force, providing the perfect setting for 30 lucky Symphonians who got to experience a jungle ATV adventure in Kemensah Forest Reserve, 29 September 2013. The trip started bright and early as everyone met at the entrance to Zoo Negara, 8 am sharp, where they convoyed to the ATV Adventure Park deep into the forest reserve and away from the sounds of the city. After arriving the guides took everyone through a 1/2 hour briefing on how to operate the ATV, and allowed some practice laps on their obstacle course, to get everyone accustom to riding. You could see the anxiousness in people’s eyes as riders were ready and raring to go.

The group was then split into pax of five, and taken to the trail. No one knew what to expect, as it was the first time on an ATV for many Symphonians. Then, within the first few minutes the trail presented its first obstacle, a steep, almost 45 degree incline, with large rocks to crawl over when ascending. It was then that Symphonians realised the adrenaline-inducing challenges ahead of them. These included traversing over large logs and small boulders, descending down slippery, mud and sand covered slopes, and passing under low-hanging fallen trees, where you had to almost have to lay flat on the ATV to cross under.

After an hour and a half of exciting riding, everyone had reached the intended destination, the Sofea Jane Waterfall, safe and sound. Symphonians then did their part for the environment with a quick cleaning activity, helping to keep the area clean and pristine. Following that, was some well-deserved R&R, as riders took in the waterfall’s breathtaking scenery and refreshed themselves in its clear, cool water. Half an hour later it was time to depart back to the ATV centre, where riders enjoyed an equally thrilling return trip as it involved descending down the steep, slippery inclines that Symphonians had to climb initially to reach the waterfall.

Though the trail presented many tough and exciting challenges, by 12 pm everyone was back at the ATV centre safely, to cap off what was a truly riveting adventure, with some big smiles and unforgettable memories as souvenirs.