IR Policy

Our Investor Relations Policy

The Symphony Group shall be guided by the principles of transparency, fairness and timeliness in communicating company information to its stakeholders.

The strategic goal of the Group’s investor relations policy is the management of relevant company information and communication channels that provides a clear picture of its expressed objectives, value and performance and disseminated to these groups of investors in a transparent, fair and timely manner having regard to the guiding principles and best practices outlined in the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance, the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia, international business protocol and other laws and regulations governing corporate disclosure and shareholder relations of public listed entities in Malaysia.

In this regard our investor relations policy shall seek to tell the investment story of the company to help investors understand what the company stands for, how it differs from other companies and/or what are the prospects in the industries in which the Group operates within. It shall also seek to bridge the information gap, if any, between the stock market value and the intrinsic value of the company.

The approach is that with better awareness and understanding of the Company’s business and objectives would help in maintaining the stability of share price and attracts long term quality investors. Where appropriate it shall also seek to address public perception and/or misconception in regard to the image, value and reputation of the Company.

The type of information that may be disseminated as part of our investor relations programme include:

  • The Group’s vision, strategies, policies and business plans for development and growth in an appropriate format for public dissemination,
  • The Group’s audited financial information and results,
  • The Group’s non-financial and business development information,
  • The Group’s branding, marketing and public relations information,
  • Published or researched industry information in which the Group operates within,
  • Where necessary, information that seeks to address public perception and/or misconception in regard to any part of the Group and in conformity with the laws and regulations on corporate disclosure of Malaysia,
  • Any other company information in compliance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of Malaysia.

The Group recognizes that the different groups of shareholders seek different types and quality of corporate information and would therefore customize the information package to address these different groups of audience as appropriate and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing it.